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About Me

Hi!  I'm Gretchen!  Welcome to Big Sky Mama!  This is my creative spot where I keep all my photography, writing, and my book lists.  I hope this little corner of the internet gives you great parenting advice, some gorgeous Montana scenery, and a book recommendation or two.  Thanks for joining me here!

Want to know more?

- I live in Kalispell, MT where we own Tamarack Insurance.  In my free time, I write for magazines or on this blog about parenting and I am an avid photographer.

-I have degrees in English and Education from the University of Colorado.  I taught multiple grades from prek to 8th grade over 29 years.  I also owned a preschool!  I have certifications as a parent educator and as a Love and Logic facilitator.  

-I also speak at conferences about will power, habit, and goal setting as well as teaching and parenting for excellence.

- My favorite thing to do is read!  I love all books but my favorites are historical fiction or multigenerational family stories.  My dream job is to own a bookstore.

- I am a large family mama of 10 kids...5 boys and 5 girls ranging in age from 28 to 10.

- I love winter, snow, and mountain lodges.

- I live near Glacier Park and spend my summers hiking, camping, fishing, and reading in the mountains.  My camera is always with me!  I love to take photos of landscapes and people.  To get in touch to order photos or book photography sessions email to

Gretchen Knuffke

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