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Creating Your Mission as a Mom

I mentioned that I spent some time identifying my household systems and crystallizing my goals as a mom. I have always been highly motivated by goal setting and deadlines so even as a stay at home mom I needed to include goal setting to motivate myself. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from meeting a goal I set for myself so I knew that kids could be motivated in the same way.

So, first I figured out what my goals were as a wife and a mom. Essentially it boiled down to this:

-Organized, simple, clean home

-Healthy, home-cooked meals

-My home to be a peaceful refuge for my family

-To build beautiful memories

-To be a very close family who supports one another

Next, I thought about what I wanted my kids to value, what I wanted them to learn, and how I wanted to teach them these things. I came up with this:

-To raise children who value family and are loyal to their siblings.

-To raise children who are curious and interested in the world around them.

-To raise children who value education and reading.

-To raise children who strive for excellence and achievement.

-To raise children who value community and believe in service before self.

Now my kids were toddlers and preschoolers when I came up with my mission. But, it is never too late to decide you want to add some goals to your life or maybe even to raise your kids in a new way.

So, today, get a piece of paper and sketch out what you want your life to look like and what you want your kids lives to look like.

That’s the beauty of parenting! You get to decide what your kids will grow up valuing and how they will learn it. That is what I took to heart in the beginning. It was my mission and my purpose to raise these kids in a certain way.

Your mission and values may be different, so figure out how you want to raise your kids. Tomorrow, we will make a plan to start to intentionally parent our children in a way that readies them for achievement.

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